Quick Intro to Micah

Micah prophesied to Judah about the same time as Isaiah, during the reigns of king Jotham through Hezekiah. He chastises the wicked rulers, priests, and the schemers of iniquity found in Judah, and wails for the coming judgment. Through many puns, he describes the fate of Judean cities in the coming wrath. But he also makes known the remnant who will be gathered together like sheep and will be lead out to pasture by Christ. He sees that one day the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established above the other mountains. And he prophesies the ruler, Christ, will be born in Bethlehem. There is no way out of the judgments prophesied by Micah, so he takes refuge in waiting for the God of his salvation, who is light for him.

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