Jesus, the Reason We Exist

We feel called by God to spread the gospel primarily in our community, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Jesus is our Lord. We seek to imitate and obey him and to conduct ourselves in a way that attracts those who don’t know him, and builds unity, vitality, and service in those who do. Jesus’ life heals and strengthens people profoundly. It prepares them to fulfill every dimension of their purpose.

We aspire to do whatever we can to share Jesus with our community. Accordingly, we preach, participate in community fairs, parades, and other events. We also look for ways to serve in our community, and meet together throughout the week.

Other Churches, Leadership, and Accountability

We aspire toward unity among the Christians here in Cleveland Heights. We do not desire to make ourselves distinct from any believers here in Cleveland Heights, that is why we call ourselves Cleveland Heights church.

We do have sister churches throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond (Like Mayfield Heights church, the church in Cleveland,  the church in Ann Arbor). We enjoy some shared accountability to, and learning from, our sister churches and we benefit from the greater numbers for youth and other camps, retreats, and gatherings for ministry. In this leadership model, we seek to emulate the structure we find in the earliest churches, those described in the Bible.

More Info

Still have questions? Try any of the links below to view our beliefs, a short overview of our history, or frequently asked questions. If that doesn't help (or even if it does), give us a call at (216) 534-2290.