Sadly, our last Aspire meeting for the spring semester was May 7th. Throughout the summer, we take a little break with a few cool events in between. So stay tuned for those events and be ready to kick things off in the fall! We will be back in August for more fun, Bible, worship, and so much more!



Aspire began as a vision,
a vision so big and so powerful that it could radically change the lives of every person on earth. It is a vision of Jesus; a Jesus who lives and breathes, a Jesus who heals, proves, loves, shines, teaches, and conquers; a Jesus who is calling you and wants to revolutionize your life. That guy is the Jesus we aspire to know more and more. And that is the Jesus that we continually aspire to display and magnify in our lives. This is the Jesus who’s been waiting for you your whole life, to offer you everything that he is. Finding Him may actually be the very thing you’ve been looking for.

You’ll find us on Sundays at 7:00 p.m. right in the Cedar Fairmount area of Cleveland Heights. You have the chance to start a new life with Christ, a brand new beginning. What more could anyone ask for? We hope to see you there, at 12412 Cedar Rd. right across from Starbucks.

Aspire. It’s church inspired to be more.

What to expect at Aspire: Aspire is our evening service that includes many different ways to enjoy and express Christ. Often we sing new songs written by one of us.  Many times we enjoy creative arrangements of classic hymns. We may watch a video that expresses a timeless truth from God’s word.  Many times we hold a portion called “Cinnamon,” where we read poems, show artwork, or share some other way that Christ has inspired us.  We also have a solid teaching from the Bible, where we explore topics concerning how Jesus reaches our world.