Aspire began as a vision,
a vision so big and so powerful that it could radically change the lives of every person on earth. It is a vision of Jesus; a Jesus who lives and breathes, a Jesus who heals, proves, loves, shines, teaches, and conquers; a Jesus who is calling you and wants to revolutionize your life. That guy is the Jesus we aspire to know more and more. And that is the Jesus that we continually aspire to display and magnify in our lives. This is the Jesus who's been waiting for you your whole life, to offer you everything that he is. Finding Him may actually be the very thing you've been looking for.

Aspire Lab

This year, we are trying something completely new. For some reason it seems like God has been bringing Cleveland Heights to the brink of spiritual revival. And we'd like to get on board with His moving. We want to be His tools in helping to bring the news of his salvation to people. But we also want to explore the depths and the wonders of God’s grace and the power of His gospel as it works in and around the people of Cleveland Heights.  It was out of all this that Aspire Lab was born!

Here's what we're doing: every month, has a different theme and a unique approach to outreach, to sharing eternal life with the world. So instead of  meeting regularly, we'll be out on campus, or in the neighborhood, or on the streets! In September, we will be talking to people about the idea of church, and what people think a church should be. October, we will be probing deeper. At the end of the month, we will be holding an "open forum," inviting people to bring their questions about God, the afterlife, Christianity, and spirituality with no judgment, and no strings attached. November is all about prayer. Besides doing a lot of praying (naturally!), we're going to construct a "prayer booth" and invite anyone to come and receive prayer! December, January, and the beginning of February, we will be launching a "LIFE" campaign, inviting people to explore and question what "life" really is. It will culminate in an awesome concert put on by The ViOS Project, an Christian electro-acoustic band focused on spreading eternal life in Christ through the power of the Word and music.

Our schedule varies from week-to-week so if you'd like to be involved contact Julian Taylor to learn more and to get involved. We'd love for you to join us!!