Small Groups

In many ways small groups embody what we mean by church life.  They are groups where people can make connections, live their lives together, study the Bible together, ask questions, pray together, and experience what it means to be in community.  Our small groups meet in a variety of venues and do a variety of things.  Some eat a meal together and study the Bible; others meet for prayer.  Some are focused on campus; others on community.  Some are great for families with young children; others fit better with singles. The small group can be the place where questions are answered and where God knits us together.

Monday Prayer Meeting

This group is devoted solely to prayer. East Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights, Mondays 7 pm-8 pm.
Contact Dave and Beth Jurns

Jurns Bible Study

A community group with families and singles, meets in a house for dinner followed by a Bible study and prayer, in Cleveland Heights, Tuesdays 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.
Contact Rex Beck

Antisdale Bible Study

A community group with families, singles and kids meets in a house for dinner followed by a Bible study and prayer, on Antisdale Road, Cleveland Heights, Thursdays. Starts at 6:30pm
Contact Peter McNaughton (216) 299-8451


Young Professionals! A community group great for young working singles and couples meets for Bible study and fellowship, Oak Road, Cleveland Heights, Thursdays 8 pm - 10 pm
Contact Julian Taylor

CASE Bible Study

For college students. Every Friday you can find a bunch of college students reading the Bible and praying together in the Tink Student Center of Case Western Reserve University. Fridays 4pm - 5pm.
Contact Thomas Brown

Girls Bible Study

Girls Bible study, great for women in college or for young professionals, Phoenix Coffee on Lee Rd., Mondays 7:30pm.
Contact Marilyn Taylor and Shulamite Konopinski