Quick Intro to 2 Samuel

Painting: "David bearing the ark of testament into Jerusalem" by Domenico Gargiulo
Painting: “David bearing the ark of testament into Jerusalem” by Domenico Gargiulo via Wikimedia

2 Samuel: David begins his reign in Hebron, where only Judah considers him king. Slowly he becomes king of the entire nation. He conquers Jerusalem, makes it his headquarters and brings the ark of God into that city. He desires to build a house for the ark, but God says He will build David an eternal house and set his son on an eternal throne. David conquers many nations and greatly expands the kingdom. But he sins by committing adultery and murder. For David’s sin, God’s judgment falls on kingdom; his son led a rebellion and David fought wars the rest of his life. David’s son Solomon was to reign in his place.

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