Who Is Christ (part 1)

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Revelation 22:13 NIV

Here Jesus Christ reveals another aspect of who He is—the beginning and the end.

We look at this declaration by Jesus from two vantage points: from the view of our Heavenly Father and from our view. The Father sees the Son as the beginning and the end. The Son, Jesus Christ, is the beginning, the firstborn of all creation. This means that the Father in all His acts of creation viewed the Son as the beginning of this vast masterpiece. The Son is also the firstborn from the dead, the first resurrected to never die again. This was a new place for any person to be and the Son was the first there. To the Father, the Son is truly the beginning. The Son is the end. He is the end of the Law, which means He summed up the law and completely fulfilled it. And Christ the Son redeemed people for God and made them kingdom and priests. He will eventually be the Head of all things, the ruler of all things in the Kingdom of God. When the Father Sees the Son, He sees Him as a vast, wonderful, beginning and end. He sees so much in Him.

The question is, “Do we see Christ the same way the Father sees Christ?” Is our view of Christ vast enough, big enough, practical enough to see Him as the beginning and the end? He is enough. As the beginning, He is the Savior who stepped into our life while we were sinners and enemies of God. He began faith in us, led us to repentance, and leads us day by day. He is our righteousness and our sanctification. He is, “the way,” we set aside our whole life to serve God. Furthermore, He is the finisher or completer of our faith. As we come to Him, He is building us up and building us together with other believers. At the end we will look back and say that the same Christ who began His work in us has been with us every step of the way, and has completed what He had begun. It’s all Him. He is enough. We have been made full in Him. Christ is not small, nor is He only sufficient to play a part in our lives. He is the beginning and the end to God the Father. He is also the beginning and the end to us. Let us appreciate the wonderful, vast, practical and glorious Christ in us.