Our Mission

Our mission is centered on Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. First, we aspire to proclaim the good news of His salvation through our lives and words. Second, we encourage people to know the Bible, which we hope will bring them into an ever greater knowledge and communion with Christ. Third, we seek to build up the church as a living, committed community of believers. Our goal is that the church will become a richer and fuller display of Christ, as we all seek to enjoy Christ and know Christ together.  Christ is God’s answer for the problems of a fallen, hurting world.  Jesus Christ glorified is the goal of our church, our personal lives, and God’s eternal purpose.


Our mission can be described in just three words: Jesus, Bible, church.  Jesus is the center, the One we announce.  The living Bible provides our pathway to know Jesus more.  The church is the community where Christ is experienced and displayed to our city.


Of course, it starts with Jesus. He is the beginning, center, and goal. Jesus is absolutely amazing. He was born as God in the flesh, lived a sinless life, died for our sins, resurrected and now lives within every believer. Salvation comes to us only by Jesus’ work and person


The Bible is all about Jesus. Both Old and New Testaments star Jesus. The power of the Bible is it explains Jesus to an ignorant world. Learning Jesus as the Bible portrays him renders deep healing to the learner. It’s like the Samaritan pouring oil and wine into the wounds of the distressed man on the roadside. Our mission through the Bible is to strengthen the lives of people, families and children.


The church is God’s chosen method for displaying his great wisdom. It is the testimony of Christ’s life, a shining lamp stand in a city, and a household for believers. A living church life is a place for the world to see Christ in community and a place for believers to live and grow. Just as the church needs to be built, each believer needs to be built. Our mission through the church is to build up believers to serve God.