What is the direction of your church?
We have three emphases in our church direction: proclaiming the good news of Jesus’ salvation; strengthening lives of people, families, and children; and building up believers to serve God. Through various and sometimes changing means, we attempt to continually strive to live out these goals. (For more information on what we believe, see our Beliefs page.)
What happens Sunday mornings?
We meet for a little over an hour at 12412 Cedar Road to worship, sing songs, and hear a message from the Word of God. We usually spend a little time together and snack a little after the message is over, so you can stay longer if you like. Read more about Sunday worship.
Where do you stand on political issues?
In our messages you will not hear anything about political issues. As a church we do not have a particular stand. But if you interview each of us individually, you will find a wide spectrum of views.
If I visit your church will I be asked to give money?
We do not pass a plate, but simply have a box in the room where people can place their financial offerings. We encourage all those who are regularly with us to go before the Lord and to give as the Lord leads.
What should I wear to your church service?
Casual dress is fine. Some people dress up and others dress casually. Please feel free to come as you are. Read more about Sunday worship.
I’m afraid to visit you because I don’t know anybody. What should I do?
A friendly greeter will meet you at the door and welcome you to our service. We get to know most people by name after their first visit, so relax, step in the door and we will gladly make you feel comfortable. If you have more time after our service, you may want to come over to one of our houses for lunch to get to know us more. Read more about our other meetings.
What about my kids?
Our music is lively, invigorating, and can be engaging for the whole family. Therefore, we have all the children join us for the singing portion of our service. Afterwards, we have an awesome program for your children that teaches lessons on character, Bible stories, and incorporates fun crafts and other activities. After your children attend our children’s program once, they will want to drag you back the next week.

We invite junior high and high school age children to stay in our entire service. We feel that our message is interesting, relevant, and receivable by them.

How do I subscribe to your podcast?
Subscribe here, on the sidebar, or by copying the link and pasting it into your podcast software (e.g., iTunes). The link is:


What if I have more questions?You can comment on this page with questions, and we will answer them here. You can also email us your questions.

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. you are right across the street from me. I called but hung up. I think I was scared. scared of what? Finding G-d in this madness

    1. John, just replied to you by email, too. Stop by and see us tomorrow if you like. Helping people find God is what we do. We’d love to talk with you some more. Feel free to ask any questions here or by email.

  2. Hi. Can you email me information about coming to visit your church? Do you have any evening services? Would I be required to take classes to become a member there? Can I be any denomination of christian faith to visit your church?

    1. Thanks for your interest in Cleveland Heights church. You’re welcome to visit our Sunday morning service at 11 am at 12412 Cedar Road.

      You do not need any special dress to come and we welcome you just as you are. We would love to have you visit and meet us face to face. Or, if you are interested in a weekday evening Bible study, we meet on Tuesdays at 6:30, and I can email you an address for that.

      During the fall, winter, and spring we have a Sunday evening service at 7 pm at our Cedar Road location. We will start up this service again on August 24. We do not have a “formal” membership role, but we consider any born again believer, who has received Jesus by faith, to be part of the church. That being said we do have an orientation for new people among us to go over some things about the church in more detail. You are welcome to visit us and we look forward to meeting you.

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