Living a Blessing Life — Lessons from the Life of Elisha — Part I (01-16-22)


Blessed Assurance

Words: Fanny Jane Crosby
Music: Phoebe Palmer Knapp

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine;
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long.

Perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels descending, bring from above
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

Perfect submission, all is at rest,
I, in my Savior, am happy and blest;
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

Hear My Cry

By Chris Chuong

Hear my cry, hear my plea,
I just want to be with Thee.
Open my heart so I can see
Everything You have for me.
And I will worship You
For You are Lord of all eternity.
Hear my cry, hear my plea,
Lead me home.

Since we’re of the day,
Let us keep a sober heart,
Having put on the breastplate of faith
And love and the helmet of salvation.

Lord we know that You
Died and rose again;
We will rise with You.

You will come again,
Like a thief in the wake of night.
For God has not destined us
For wrath but for us to have salvation.

And the trumpets they will sound
With the angels all around
They’re singing holy is Your Name,
Holy is Your Name.
And we’ll gather in the air,
With the Lord He will be there,
We’re singing holy is Your Name,
Holy is Your Name.

How Great Is Our God

By Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jesse Reeves

The splendor of a King,
Clothed in majesty;
Let all the earth rejoice,
All the earth rejoice.
He wraps Himself in light,
And darkness tries to hide
And trembles at His voice,
Trembles at His voice.

How great is our God, sing with me,
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God!

Age to age He stands
And time is in His hands,
Beginning and the end,
Beginning and the end;
The Godhead Three in One,
Father, Spirit, Son;
The Lion and the Lamb,
The Lion and the Lamb.

Name above all names,
Worthy of all praise;
My heart will sing,
How great is our God.


“Living a Blessing Life — Lessons from the Life of Elisha”

Message given by Rex Beck on January 16, 2022

Receiving the Spirit

2 Kings 2:9
When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask what I shall do for you, before I am taken from you.” And Elisha said, “Please let there be a double portion of your spirit on me.”

The New Bowl

2 Kings 2:19-22
19 Now the men of the city said to Elisha, “Behold, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees, but the water is bad, and the land is unfruitful.” 20 He said, “Bring me a new bowl, and put salt in it.” So they brought it to him. 21 Then he went to the spring of water and threw salt in it and said, “Thus says the Lord, I have healed this water; from now on neither death nor miscarriage shall come from it.” 22 So the water has been healed to this day, according to the word that Elisha spoke.

The She-Bears

2 Kings 2:23-25
23 He went up from there to Bethel, and while he was going up on the way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him, saying, “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!” 24 And he turned around, and when he saw them, he cursed them in the name of the Lord. And two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys. 25 From there he went on to Mount Carmel, and from there he returned to Samaria.

The Widow’s Oil

2 Kings 4:1–8
Now the wife of one of the sons of the prophets cried to Elisha, “Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared the Lord, but the creditor has come to take my two children to be his slaves.” And Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me; what have you in the house?” And she said, “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.” Then he said, “Go outside, borrow vessels from all your neighbors, empty vessels and not too few. Then go in and shut the door behind yourself and your sons and pour into all these vessels. And when one is full, set it aside.” So she went from him and shut the door behind herself and her sons. And as she poured they brought the vessels to her. When the vessels were full, she said to her son, “Bring me another vessel.” And he said to her, “There is not another.” Then the oil stopped flowing. She came and told the man of God, and he said, “Go, sell the oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can live on the rest.”