Health Safety Guidelines for Live Worship Meetings

After much prayer and consideration of the changing landscape and situation of our city and state, we have decided that the church should begin to meet again in person! Part of our reason for coming back together again at this time is not merely so that WE can have the enjoyment of meeting together again face to face. While this is a benefit, it is not our only motivation. We also feel urged by the Lord that our city needs a testimony of the Lord’s life and salvation, especially at this time. Our open door on Sunday morning is a small but real testimony. We are planning on reopening not just for ourselves, but for the gospel.

To ensure everyone’s safety here are our current healthy safety protocols, both for our leaders and attendees:

  • The building is specially cleaned each week, including all surfaces that might be touched (door handles, railings, counters, etc.) and all common areas (main meeting room, coffee area, bathrooms, etc.)
  • There will be no food or beverage offerings.
  • There is no children’s service.
  • We are exploring creative ways to worship without open congregational singing. Singing releases a lot of water droplets into the air and can be a major contributor for Covid-19 spread.
  • All attendees are required to wear a mask. For those without masks, one will be provided at the door
  • All attendees will have their temperature checked at the entrance. Anyone with a fever will be asked to stay outside the building
  • The congregation will be seated by family group six feet away from any other family group. There are small, portable playpens available for young children so that they can play but still stay close to their family group.
  • All attendees should stay six feet away from others. Small blue dots have been placed on the floor six feet apart from each other as a reference.

For any person who is sick, at-risk (such as elderly members), or uncomfortable with public gatherings, we are streaming these live meetings through Zoom. Anyone may contact us if they would like the info for attending the meeting remotely through Zoom.

We ask all of us to pray for this whole reopening process. We ask for the Lord’s covering. We pray that we all would be full of respect for one another and clear about the Lord’s leading. At the same time, we pray that the church would be firm in our testimony of the Lord to this hurting world.

— The serving saints in Cleveland Heights church