Testimony Week (06-21-20)

Testimony Week (06-21-20)


Arise and Eat

Words and Music: Shulamite Konopinski

Arise and eat, He said to me
This journey’s far too great for you
I’ll give you food you’ve never known
You’ll go in My strength alone

I lift my eyes to You
Your heavenly food is my supply
Though all my strength may fail
Your life sustains me evermore

For me, a lowly sinner like me
How can there be such grace to me?
I’ll rise and eat the food You give
I see it is really true

With tears on my way, I falter still
Not knowing how, but my God’s still here
And faithfully His life will sustain
Each step that I take in faith

So Lord, till we meet, then face to face
Your strength will uphold me from day to day
And step by step until I arrive
I’ll live on each word You speak

You Hold My Hear

Music and Lyrics: Chris Chuong

Your love so amazing, it’s true
Gave up Your life for me
Your grace washes me and all of my sins
So I can be with you

Beholding Your beauty, surreal
Clothed me in righteousness
Your Spirit redeems my soul to live
So I can be with you

You are the One that gives me life
You are the One that sets me free
You hold my heart
You hold my heart

Waiting for You to come back
To bring me home to life
For all of my days I’ll sing all of Your praise
For I will be with You

We will not post a Sunday morning message this week. Instead, we will be hosting a testimony Sunday at the live Cleveland Heights church meeting, where brothers and sisters can share for 2-4 minutes about what the Lord is doing in them. We are happy that many saints will be able to share their experiences of the Lord to nourish the body of Christ. Stay tuned next week for more developments.

A message for your enjoyment throughout the week

visions and revelations: message 15
“The Apostle Peter (pt 5) – The Revelation by Christ”