Regional Winter Conference 12/29/18 – 12/31/18

Winter Conference / Vision Week

A few times a year, we meet up with many of our sister churches in the Great Lakes area to enjoy a larger fellowship with the Body of Christ and be spiritually trained and renewed with our brothers and sisters. Meetings will be at the Church in Cleveland, 3170 Warren Rd., Cleveland, OH 44111, and the times of the five meetings will be 9:30am Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday. As such WE WILL BE CANCELLING OUR REGULAR SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE ON DECEMBER 30, 2018! We will be listening to the rich speaking of Titus Chu, a full-time traveling evangelist and modern-day apostle to America, China, Australia, Africa, and more. For more details on the conference, click here.