Quick Intro to Jonah

Jonah prophesied to the Northern kingdom of Israel during the days of Jeroboam II. Jonah was a prophet who didn’t like people and didn’t listen to God’s word. God told him to go to Ninevah, the Assyrian capital. Instead he went the other way on a ship, faced a storm, got swallowed by a fish, repented, and finally preached to Ninevah. The whole city repented, and Jonah got mad that God would not judge the city and that God caused a worm to eat the leaf that provided shade for him. The story shows that God loves people and will give His word to them so they would repent. It is interested to note that less than 50 years after Jonah spoke to the Assyrian capital Ninevah, the Assyrians destroyed the northern kingdom of Isreal.

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