Quick Intro to Jeremiah

Jeremiah was disregarded by his contemporaries more than any other prophet. He spoke beginning in king Josiah’s time, through the Babylonian siege and carrying away, and even in Egypt with a band of Jews who fled there after Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed. He prophesies of destruction for Judah due to the sins of Manasseh and warns people not to think they will be delivered.

Jeremiah shows his dynamic relationship with Jehovah in this book and demonstrate how he was called and how he was shaped to be a fitting vessel to convey the message God gave him. Jeremiah prophesied about the New Covenant that God would eventually make with the house of Israel. He saw the failure of the old covenant, because he witnessed the utter rejection of God’s word by Judah during his times. So he looked forward to a new covenant, where God would change hearts of people and forgive their sins.

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