Quick Intro to Numbers

Photo: "Magic Sqare" by chrisinplymouth on Flickr
Photo: “Magic Sqare” by chrisinplymouth on Flickr

Numbers is a mostly sad record of the journeys and mostly failings of Israel as they travelled through the wilderness from Sinai to close to the entrance of the land of Canaan. They start arrayed as an army around the tabernacle with all the offerings. As they journey grumbling about leaving Egypt is followed by unbelief in God leading the people into the good land is followed by rebellion is followed by attempts to curse Israel for money and then fornication and idolatry. It’s a record of what is in man as he follows God and of God’s gracious dealings with his people. The old generation finally pass away, strewn in the wilderness, and a new generation with faith emerges to step into the good land.

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