Quick Intro to 2 Chronicles

2 Chronicles follows the kings of the southern kingdom of Judah and concentrates with an intensity not found in the books of kings on what goes on with the temple of the Lord. It begins with Solomon’s glorious reign and the temple he built. It follows his son Rehoboam, and chronicles all the kings of Judah afterwards. It gives special mention of Joash’s temple renovation, Uzziah’s building projects, Ahaz’s closing of the temple, Hezekiah’s restoration of the Levitical temple service and Passover, Manasseh’s temple desecration by idols and idolatrous altars, Josiah’s cleansing of the temple, and the three times the Babylonians carried away items from the temple. It ends with Cyrus’ decree after 70 years of exile for willing Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the house of their God.

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