Quick Intro to 1 Kings

Painting: "The Judgment of Solomon" by Raffael via Wikimedia
Painting: “The Judgment of Solomon” by Raffael via Wikimedia

1 Kings describes the Israel kingdom’s highest point under Solomon and the glorious temple constructed by him. Solomon’s wives were all gentile and every person who worked on the temple were also gentile. His kingdom is a picture of Israel ruling the earth. But Solomon’s wives drove him to worship gods other than Jehovah, and for this God allowed the kingdom to split after Solomon’s death.

1 Kings follows the rulers of the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. The northern rulers were all bad and God sent Elijah the prophet to them, who stopped rain for three years and demonstrated that Jehovah was the real God and the Baals were not. For this Jezebel tries to kill him, he flees and eventually finds his successor.

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