Jesus Brings in the Kingdom

Jesus teaches us to care for other people, and demonstrates his power to do that. Jesus cast out a demon that was making a man mute. Because we have all failed to follow God’s law, we are all speechless before God when he sits as a judge. We have no excuse. Jesus changes that. He paid for us. New we can be part of his kingdom.

The teachers of the religious law didn’t like it when Jesus healed the demon possessed man. They said he was casting out demons by the power of Satan, but Satan’s Kingdom cannot cast itself out of a person. It would be like a country declaring war on itself. On the other hand, God can cast out demons with only a finger. Jesus made God’s Kingdom available to us, and he can easily address even our deepest problems and concerns, setting us free and bringing us to himself.

Read along with this message, originally given on September 24, 2011 in Luke 11:14-36 NIV.

[Note: This recording had to be cut short due to technical problems.]

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